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Mallia™ | Legrand Vietnam

A comprehensive set of functions for endless possibilities

No matter what demands you may have, your needs are well covered with Mallia: switches, dimmers, programmable switches, fan speed controls, cooker control units, telephone and data sockets, TV sockets, shaver sockets, socket outlets, downlighters, etc. And because access to power at all times is essential to modern lifestyles, we created a two-in-one solution to optimize connection and charging: the BS 13 A socket outlets with USB charger! They enable you to charge your mobile devices without needing to use a bulky adaptor or to block access to the power outlet. Just plug your USB cord directly into the USB charging port, and run your other appliances as usual.


A range designed to impress

Mixing colours is a breeze with Mallia. Beyond promising endless possibilities with the expanded range, the freedom to blend them in any combination you desire is just sheer joy. With our enhanced offer of finishes, there is a colour for every style: classic White, contemporary Silver, lustrous Pearl, supple Copper, muscular Bronze, mysterious Dark Silver, etc. And with the newest colours, Matt Black and Champagne, you're sure to bring a smooth, elegant and stunning touch to your home!