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P17 Tempra Pro industrial plugs & sockets and cabinets

Two ranges of industrial sockets and combined units for installations involving specific constraints related to weatherproofing, impact or temperature resistance, both indoors and outdoors

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An offer providing reassurance in any environment

Both indoors and outdoors, the P17 Tempra Pro range of industrial sockets (16 A and 32 A) is suitable for all sites involving specific constraints related to weatherproofing, impact or temperature: shopping centres, hospitals, food processing facilities, industry, transport, markets, etc.

Conforming to standards IEC 60309-1 and 2, the sockets are available as:
  - IP 44 (from 16 A to 32 A) for indoor and outdoor use not exposed to even occasional direct spray
  - IP 66/67 (from 16 A to 125 A) for all major projects (airports, data centers, hotels, etc): they can withstand temporary immersion such as flooding or tidal influx


Quick installation

Because competitiveness is key to success when working on a site, the P17 Tempra Pro range offers an array of essential and intuitive features aimed at simplifying every movement, freeing up wiring space and ensuring quick, accurate cable connection under optimum conditions.

They thus benefit from a quick opening/closing system, a mark allowing the user to see quickly the length of cable to be stripped, a simple fixing principle (a single captive PZ 2 screw, via connection terminal), and even an optimised wiring space for easier connections.


Ease of use and safety

The P17 Tempra Pro range has been subject to extensive research in terms of design and safety in order to make life safer and easier for the user.

Good product gripping, compact dimensions for use in tight spaces (2 mounting positions), easier handling (position marking, cable grips, etc), anti-corrosion treated materials and components: these assets are what make P17 Tempra Pro a comprehensive set of customised solutions which comply with the standards and protect the environment!

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Worksites combined units: simplified power supply

These units provide temporary power supplies on building sites or for events.

3 types of unit are available:

  •  Individual units, to be equipped or pre-equipped (5 or 6 sockets)
  • Site units, to be equipped or pre-equipped (5, 6 or 7 sockets)
  • Distribution cabinets, to be equipped or pre-equipped (7 or 9 domestic pin and IEC sockets from 16 to 63 A)

Individual units and site units are portable as they have an integrated handle.

p17 tempra

A comprehensive range of associated products

In order to meet the needs of all site configurations, the P17 Tempra Pro range is fully compatible with the additional products and accessories in the Legrand industrial socket offer: panel mounting domestic pin sockets, locked sockets, adaptors, IP 55 flush-mounting boxes, etc.

Customised configurations are also available for solutions that are even more suited to your
wide-ranging needs.


P17 Tempra Pro industrial plugs and sockets

Following the success of P17 Tempra, Legrand's new P17 Tempra Pro range of LV 16 and 32A plugs and sockets offers improved stren