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Technical Spaces | Legrand Vietnam

Discover our solutions for technical Spaces

Service continuity, power distribution, control over consumption and energy quality. The technical room is a strategic area hospitality buildings. It has to distribute and protect the entire electrical infrastructure of the building.



Cast resin transformers are used in a vast range of applications and represent the most reliable answer for distribution systems, energy co-generation, rectification, traction and for special needs Correspondence to the specific International and National Standards and conformity to classes C2, E2 and F1 mean that Legrand’s transformers can be used under particularly severe environmental conditions, in high mountain and sea environments. The absence of inflammable insulating liquids, the self-extinguishing materials exempt of toxic gas emissions, and the low noise levels as well as the low electromagnetic emissions represent an environmental protection for health and public security.


This structured cabling system offers fiber optic solutions, copper solutions, Wi-Fi and cabling systems enclosures.


Legrand offers a comprehensive 1phase and 3phase UPS range backed by local support and training. Our offer is divided into 3 different families known as: Modular - UPS up to 120kVA. Providing maximum safety (power andcontrol)for applications requiring easy expansion and fast maintenance. Conventional- UPS providing a safe reliable power supply up to 10 kVA with flexibility. Line interactive- UPS up to 3kva. Ideal protection for individual workstations, telephone switchboards or home automation applications and even for small service sector companies.


The busbar is the most modern solution for the distribution of energy in an installation for machinery, equipment and lighting fittings, in all types of buildings. The busbar is also frequently used to power the (horizontal and vertical) backbones of buildings used for the commercial-service sectors, thus observing the time required for the installation and providing a final solution with remarkable technical advantages. Legrand busbar is available in 3 segmented ranges: • Low power up to 63A • Medium Power up to 1000A • High Power up to 6300A

MCBs and MCCBs

Legrand offers a comprehensive range of Circuit breakers: • MCBs 0.5A - 125A • MCCBs 125A- 1600A • ACBs 630A- 6300A These CB's are offered with a wide range of accessories as well as a full complement of tripping selections.