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Functionality and aesthetics at your service

Flexible workspaces and continuous focus on productivity are driving the design of optimized offices. Adaptable infrastructure is required for equipment and electrical communication networks exactly where it is needed. These spaces should also be functionally optimized, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

legrand workstation solutions

Integrated workstation solutions

Pop-up boxes, desk modules, meeting room multi-outlet extensions ... integrate harmoniously in all types of furniture for meeting rooms, individual or open space offices ... Users are immediately operational. They have at their fingertips all the power and low current sockets to connect their equipment. The rich offer of finishes brings modern aesthetic for a perfect integration into today office environment.

flexible products

Flexible products

Multiple options for workstations to secure connections at your convenience: Floor boxes, pop up boxes or columns.

Increased productivity

Our structured cabling systems with high performance, speed, reliability and secure access to information networks, without interruptions guarantees you continuity of service: DPL trunking LCS3 for high data transmission and UPS to work without interruptions.

energy effiency

Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient lighting management systems ensure the exact amount of light, when and where it is needed. They are reliable and easy to use, provide safety, reduce costs, are sustainable and respect technical standards and the environment.

Ensuring people's safety

Ensuring people's safety

Developed following rigorous international standards, which provide greater product reliability in emergency evacuations: Auto test LED emergency luminaires and firewall systems.


Legrand introduces INCARA

A whole new range of products dedicated to the workspace



Discover the documentation of all Legrand products that best suit your residential, commercial, industrial and other projects.

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reference projects

Our projects

Legrand has solutions for any kind of project. Discover here details about Legrand's reference projects related to all markets: hotels, data centers, hospitals, residential and more.


Discover in this page Legrand's workspace solutions. Our products are ergonomic and functional. They are dedicated to any modern, flexible workspace, from office to hotel, café, airport or any other shared working environment. Designed to be integrated into all types of furniture seamlessly, end users can get on with their daily lives.

Furthermore, when confronted with the environmental challenges of our era, buildings must be more sustainable, adaptable, and energy efficient. Legrand’s solutions answer all of these challenges for occupiers’ welfare and companies’ business optimisation.