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Energy Efficiency | Legrand Vietnam

Less environmental impact, less energy consumption

Energy efficiency

Legrand and the sustainable development

The Legrand group has been committed for many years, with its customers and partners, to developing
a continuous improvement process and guaranteeing the responsible, profitable and long-term growth
of its business.
For this reason the Group intends to provide a response to the environmental, economic and social
problems of the present and the future.

Energy efficiency at home and in the workplace

Legrand meets the requirements of your project, in terms of safety and productivity, using less energy for residential spaces (smart homes), as well as work and industrial spaces.


Residential Solutions

  1. Individual automatic control up to full automation of a house
  2. Total control of energy consumption according to the needs.
  3. Control of lighting, blinds and screens, temperature, sound, video intercom, internal and external alarm control, distribution of TV, telephone and data signals.
  4. Remote management of the smartphone, integrating all the individual functions for a complete system.

Commercial and industrial solutions

  1. Legrand solutions offer safety, reduce costs, are sustainable.
  2. Sustainable and can reduce energy consumption, while respecting technical standards and the environment. 
  3. Green transformers lead to economic savings and reduction of CO2 emissions and economic savings.
  4. Open-frame circuit breakers integrate innovative functions such as metering and communication for installation monitoring.
  5. Legrand provides software for active energy management and complete control of the installation.

Data Centers

  1. Optimal response to the specific problems and needs of data centers: efficiency, availability, scalability and security, scalability and security. For small/medium requirements or large infrastructures.
  2. Our dedicated data center solutions enable you to meet the most demanding requirements, particularly in terms of cooling, power, availability, scalability and security.
  3. Solutions for cooling, power, availability or even security.

4 Key steps to energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

1. Measurement, monitoring and analysis of active energy

  • EMSCX3 Simplified monitoring
  • Integration of power devices or with metering solutions
  • Measuring software

2. Energy Management, Control and Distribution

  • Electrical panel under standard
  • Lighting and air conditioning management
  • Electric vehicle charger
energy efficiency

3. Implementation of improvements in the quality and guarantee of energy continuity

  • Electrical transformer
  • Bus duct system
  • UPS
LEED energy efficiency

4. Achieving energy efficiency in installations

Saving energy and obtaining certifications such as LEED, Green Building, etc.

Energy efficiency solutions

Legrand Energy Efficiency Solutions

Energy Efficiency

Smart Electrical Panel: take full control of your home

data center energy efficiency

Data Center Solutions

Legrand iPDU, smart and efficient energy management

Legrand iPDU, smart and efficient energy management

energy_efficiency_brochure legrand

Energy Efficiency Guide

Discover the Legrand solution for energy efficiency in residential, commercial and industrial spaces.


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Energy Efficiency Projects

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Data Center Solutions

Legrand Energy Efficiency Solutions help avoid or reduce CO2 emissions through better consumption usage or clean energy use.

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Energy Efficiency Legrand

All companies must work to achieve energy efficiency. Regardless of the stage of efficiency maturity we are in, we can go through the steps to achieve maximum energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact and work on saving consumption and responsible use. 

4 steps to energy efficiency: Measurement, monitoring and analysis of active energy, Energy Management, Control and Distribution, Implementation of improvements in the quality and guarantee of energy continuity, Achieving energy efficiency in installations. 

Legrand has solutions for energy efficiency in residential, commercial and data center spaces. Get started now and contact one of our specialized consultants.