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Mosaic™ functions for healthcare establishments | Legrand Vietnam


An offer of basic dedicated solutions

The Mosaic offer for healthcare establishments consists of standard and dedicated functions to ensure ease of use, efficiency and comfort for not only staff but also patients and residents! These functions are suitable for everyone: able-bodied people, people with reduced mobility, etc. Our products are made from antimicrobial materials: this technology can eliminate the majority of bacteria without creating resistance. Legrand’s easy-clean solutions guarantee optimal hygiene quality!
Les fonctions Mosaic™ pour les établissements de santé Legrand Export

Nurse call system

Hand-held remote control units and call units, door units and interphone units, corridor signalling devices, nurses' station control units, system products, secure wandering system, etc, Mosaic nurse call system solutions can be used to implement complete installations providing comfort and peace of mind to anyone at any time. They are compatible with the majority of nurse call systems.
Les fonctions Mosaic™ pour les établissements de santé Legrand Export

LED luminaires & bedhead strips

Find out more about the Mosaic LED luminaires & bedhead strips, ideal solutions for retirement homes, homes for the elderly, nursing homes, establishments providing a low level of medical care and private homes. With very low consumption and an estimated life of 100,000 hours, these solutions can be used for a reading light only, or for reading and room lighting. Thanks to dynamic lighting solutions, you can even control the lighting colour automatically according to the time of day, in order to minimise cognitive deficiencies. Bedhead strips benefit from a range of dedicated controls for lighting or other SELV functions.