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Fibre Solutions


From the fibre optic rack to the connectors, the new LCS³ range offers a comprehensive solution for fast, high-performance connection. It constitutes a major advance in the Legrand offer, particularly in terms of extent of the range, high density, scalability and risk management during maintenance. With LCS³, Legrand is positioning itself as a key player when it comes to fibre optic cabling

LCS³ includes standard or bespoke high-density connectivity solutions from 40 to 100 Gigabits/s.

The LCS³ fibre optic range is characterised by: 

  • modular copper and fibre optic cassettes
  • a system for easier cable and fibre optic jumper management
  • new quick fixing systems
  • a fibre optic modular unit offers compatible with both racks and cassettes

The different available drawer solutions enable very high density, up to 96 or even 144 fibres on a single U. The compact and easy-to-use new splicer will democratize optical fibre.

Fibre Solutions


Fibre Optic Cables

  • OS2 single-mode fibre optic cable
  • OM2 multi-mode fibre optic cable
  • OM3 multi-mode fibre optic cable
  • OM4 multi-mode fibre optic cable

Pigtail and quick connectors

  • Pigtails
  • Quick connect connectors
  • Fibre Optic cleaning accessories
  • Fan out units
  • OM3/OM4 multimode connectors

Fibre Optic Drawers

All of the Fibre Optic Drawers come in sliding or rotating options:

  • Equipped 19" optic drawers
  • 19" modular optic drawers
  • Fibre optic blocks
  • Copper block for fibre optic drawers
  • Optic drawer cassettes

Fibre Optic Accessories

Fibre Optic Cleaning Accessories:

  • Ferrule cleaner MPO/MTP
  • Ferrule cleaner LC (PC/APC)
  • Ferrule cleaner SC (PC/APC)
  • LC replacement cartridge