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Copper Solutions | Legrand Vietnam

Structured cable

Structured Cables

The LCS3 copper structured cables are compliant with ISO/IEC 11801 standards - third edition.

  • Cat. 5e
  • Cat. 6
  • Cat. 6A
  • Cat. 8
toolless connectors

Toolless Connectors

The NEW TOOLLESS CONNECTORS with toolless fast connection are available in all categories for installation both on patch panels and in the workstation. A perfect connection can be obtained in a few seconds, guaranteeing optimum performance
of the link from the patch panel to the workstation. They are colour-coded so their category can be safely identified: Cat. 5e: grey, Cat. 6: blue, Cat. 6 A: yellow, Cat. 8: aqua. 

Cat. 8 STP CONNECTORS with transmission speed (bit rate) from 25 Gbps to 40 Gbps are integral to the performance of the new LCS3 system.

  • In accordance with ISO/IEC 11801  standard - third edition
  • Tested up to 2500 connection/disconnection cycles
  • A perfect connection in just a few seconds
path panels

Patch Panels

The new patch panels have been designed and produced to optimise space, with up to 48 ports per unit and make maintenance and future upgrades easier.

• Sliding cassettes: easier maintenance
• Angled patch panels
• Fast push-button extraction
• Innovative modular cassette system
• Easy maintenance: Remove connectors without disconnecting the cords
• Easy to mix with Legrand fibre optic solutions

Copper Accessories

Copper Accessories

Equipment and accessories are available for Legrand Cabling System LCS3. 

  • Common accessories for flat and angled panels
  • Specific accessories for flat panels
  • Specific accessories or angled panels