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BTicino represents the best traditions in Italian design and production at an international level. 

Bticino combine technological intelligence with the aesthetics of Italian design to bring maximum comfort and safety to buildings.

BTicino is the first Italian manufacturer to look for a solution for the production of electrical components in the light of modern design thinking: an approach that is not only reflected in the substantial innovations made in technology and automation of the production process, but also in the care and attention of the company to the specific problems of today's household needs and customs. 

By further studying the shape, materials and colors, these factors have led us to a new design concept . At BTicino, design is not just a decorative tool. It is the gift of participating in projects and creating innovative solutions, with the ability to positively impact life and work. This principle has led to the frequent renewal of the product range, and above all to the creation of new technologies and their introduction to the consumer.  

Home automation is an important part of these developments and will be further expanded in the coming years.