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Fibre optic LCS³ structured cabling | Legrand Vietnam


Performance in complete safety

Thanks to the extensive range of fibre optic LCS³ cables, you can satisfy all your installation requirements and all the constraints of your sites. The speed of optical fibre, offering transmission up to 100 Gbps, ensures the safety of highly critical sites! The LCS³ fibre optic offer consists of modular panels and associated cassettes, fibre optic blocks and drawers as well as a variety of connection solutions.

Modular panels & cassettes: flexible configuration

The LCS³ 1U HD modular panel offers maximum capacity of 24 ST, 48 SC or 96 LC connectors. The different cassette versions which complement it can satisfy any requirement. Exclusive to Legrand: the fibre optic cassette to be spliced can be removed individually by simply pressing the button, ensuring continuity of service during maintenance operations.

Fibre optic blocks and drawers: very high density & efficiency

With LCS³ fibre optic blocks and drawers you can install a high or very high density VDI network quickly and easily. The offer includes 1U modular fibre optic drawers with maximum capacity of 24 ST, 48 SC or 96 LC connectors. They should be equipped with LCS³ fibre optic blocks, available in singlemode and multimode versions (ST, SC, LC, SC APC, LC APC standards). It also includes 1U equipped fibre optic drawers, either sliding (24 ST, 24 SC or 48 LC capacity) or rotating (36 SC or 72 LC capacity). For increased performance, opt for the UHD (Ultra High Density): it is designed to take up to 144 connections on 1U, 288 on 2U and 576 on 4U.