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Art d'Arnould | Legrand Vietnam

French fine art

Art d'Arnould is the top-of-the-line reference for your sockets and switches. Treat yourself to a tailor-made experience with Art d'Arnould, created with the greatest respect for exceptional know-how. Discover Art d'Arnould, the French art, under all its aspects (or all its seams)!

Art d'Arnould

Art d'Arnould: Art à la française

The Art d'Arnould range brings a particular care to the choice of materials, to the quality of the finishes and to the precision of the details. Each product is unique and made to measure. It is the Art of being unique. 

Timeless, Art d'Arnould blends with all styles of decoration thanks to its 4 universes.

Épure, for a modern style

Épure, for a modern style

Contemporary and minimalist, the Épure collection is distinguished by its straight edges and clean lines. Outlets and switches that blend in with all interior styles and that will seduce the aesthetes!

  • Plate sizes: square or rectangular.
  • Finishes: brushed steel, satin steel, mirror steel, mirror gold, bronze, matte black and satin white.
  • Switch functions: cylindrical lever or round button.
  • Socket functions: power socket, 2 USB charge, TV socket, RJ45 socket.
Mémoire, a nod to the classic

Mémoire, a nod to the classic

With the Mémoire collection, you are revisiting the past by choosing a classic and timeless aesthetic for sockets and switches: visible screws, "teardrop" lever, and a serrated, worked collar.

This collection is available in square or rectangular plates and in 2 finishes (brushed steel and brushed gold). There is even a transparent plate (crystal finish) to blend in perfectly with the decor...

Art d'Arnould

Fusion, for a daring decoration

For those who love both the chic of gilding and the modernity of shapes, the Fusion collection is a blend of the old and the new: 

  • Large handle,
  • Large bevelled edge,
  • Collar with screw,
  • Decorations: simple chasing, elaborate chasing, braid decoration.

Art d'Arnould, exceptional switches and sockets

Art d'Arnould is 4 universes: Retro, Épure, Mémoire and Fusion which answer the desires of vintage, modernity, classicism or audacity.